As the former editor/contributor to the Cleckheaton Cricket Club website for thirteen years I felt it was time for a change, a fresh voice so to speak and a modernised website, therefore, resigned my duties in an amicable fashion.

Whilst it’s still early days with a great deal more to come I’d like to congratulate in genuine fashion what’s occurred already, the design and look of the new website is fantastic and I know it is going to be a fabulous and informative tool for Cleck’ supporters and cricket followers in general.

Knowing the guys involved as I do, I appreciate they wouldn’t want any plaudits but from someone who was proud and privileged to oversee the website I have to congratulate Chris Dobson, who’s designed and built the site with great support from Cleck’s secretary and ‘man for all seasons’ Antony Lee.

In addition, Elliott Hallas and Sam Bailey are there for technical assistance etc. First team Skipper Mally Nicholson and Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby will be available to advocate comments, opinions and all in the capable hands of Antony.

Quite simply, thank you, Kevin Mitchell