Cleck 2nds returned to moored for the second home game of the season, with the bank holiday magic and the inclusion of Ian Carradice in the second team there was a buzz about the air.

After losing the toss and been asked to bowl it took Hudson his second over before he made the first breakthrough. Sam Bailey and Hudson bowled tightly in the first 10 with a maiden each leaving the score 27/1 after 10 overs.

Then for a short period saw the ‘natural disasters’ bowling together. This partnership saw the fall of the baildon captain Wilson with Ian Carradice showing quick hands behind the stumps.
This wicket was quickly followed by James Ives only wicket of the day from his very first ball. I guess the term have a look was not in Daniel Hunts vocabulary.

From that moment on with a good fielding performance and tight bowling by all those called upon. it became the Elliott Hallas show, taking all the remaining wickets 4 bowled and 3 caught. Elliott finished with impressive figures of 13.1 overs for 23 runs and 8 wickets.

Baildon managed to accumulate 91 runs from there innings.

Then came the run chaise after another amazing dinner put on by the ladies in the kitchen.

It doesn’t make good reading, but after a positive start by Ian Carradice, it took 3 overs before the fall of Clecks 1st wicket. Over 5 saw wickets 2 and 3 and over 8 saw Elliot’s wicket, all the batters didn’t trouble the scorer and cleck were looking in trouble as the all 2 familiar collapse was again taking place. Leaving Cleck 37 for 4.

Craig Blackburn and Ian Carradice stopped the fall of wickets and taking cleck 2nds over the 91 run mark and to 18 points and the first victory of the season. A platform and a good performance to build on moving on the next couple of weeks.