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Former Chairman looks back in brief!

Dave Worrall was at the helm for well over two decades at Cleck’ and he sums those times up perfectly in concise and fascinating fashion!

Dave commented: “In my twenty odd years as Chairman I thought I’d seen everything! Some good times including winning promotion from Division Two, managing to stay in what was the First Division by the skin of our teeth (losing a Priestley Cup Final) and introducing coloured clothing and the league charging us £15 to register our colours.

Having an amazing floodlit twenty/20 against Yorkshire with Andrew Gale scoring a ton, Joe Root reverse sweeping his first ball over the rugby stand for six and seeing two blokes called David Millar and Mitchell Starc debuting for Yorkshire.

The ground was packed, the car park full, the bar was heaving and people were parking out on the road and down to the traffic lights - and then came back-to-back Premier League wins.

As a Club we took a table for Galey’s testimonial dinner at Lord’s and we had an amazing couple of days out, great times, there were bad times but we haven’t experienced anything like we are experiencing now.

The country is in lock down and health and family are all that counts. Everything is on hold and we all need to follow the government guide lines as responsibly as we can. As for cricket well I’m keeping my eye on the Bradford League website and its obvious the League is in the best hands possible.

As for us the Club will emerge from this and the cricket section are all keeping in touch by a variety of sources - stay safe everyone and we look forward to getting out on the grass.

Dave Worrall and nine others representing Cleck' has fond memories of Galey's dinner in the Long Room at Lord's back in 2016

Cricket Chairman happy that Club is in ‘good hands’

Cleck’s Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby reveals a recent Sports Club Executive meeting settled a few doubts. “We had an executive meeting by Skype,” commented Gats. “It was to keep things ticking over and there’s no doubt the Club is in good hands.”

The upkeep of the ground is vital and the Exec’ committee were keen to make sure groundsman Keith Johnstone and his team were okay. “We called Keith to make sure he is fine and well and offered any assistance he may need,” said Gats. “Having spoken to Skipper Mally Nicholson the overseas situation is on hold. Obviously it is a frustrating time as we were all set to go – but health and safety comes first.”

Secretary takes ‘philosophical stance’

Cleck’s recently installed Secretary Antony Lee explains how it feels to have the rug pulled from under him just as he was ready to have a positive first year in office that will be memorable for a different reason!

“January saw me take over from the ‘legendary’ Bob Speight as the newly appointed Cricket Secretary and I was particularly looking forward to this season starting,” admitted Antony. “Not least because I had a much bigger list of jobs to do pre-season than in previous years! Working closely with First team Skipper Mally Nicholson, Seconds’ Captain Elliott Hallas and Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby I was really looking forward to getting stuck in.”

Antony added: “On one hand it’s hugely frustrating that our season looks very bleak, whatever form it might take later in the summer. We really don’t know a great deal at the moment, both the ECB & the Bradford League are monitoring things closely and keeping us informed as best they can. But then on the other hand, we must be aware that there are far more important issues afoot that take precedence at the moment.”

Antony was one of ten Cleck' members that witnessed The Long Room at Lord's almost four years ago for Andrew Gale's benefit year

Antony has been heavily involved in the Club’s welfare even before his new role and his coaching and playing prowess a great help. “Not forgetting our Junior cricketers too of course,” commented Antony. “They will be fed up I am sure as the prospect of them playing anything at all looks grim at the moment. Alongside all our existing age group players we had also spent a lot of time through winter planning and organising our new All Stars programme, the launch of Dynamo’s Cricket and we also launched our own Women & Girls section, all of which is sadly very much on hold at the moment.”

In his own words Antony admitted he's taken over from the 'legendary' Bob Speight

Antony’s son Ethan was set to have a regular First Team spot that Dad was relishing. “From a personal point of view I was also really looking forward to Ethan starting his first full season in the 1st team and I was planning on being at every game, even more so since I have hung up my own boots for good now and won’t be called upon to ‘help out’ Elliott in the seconds,” admitted Antony. “Ethan is understandably frustrated as he was keen and raring to go. He’s worked hard on his fitness through winter and hardly stopped playing cricket either, as he went on tour to South Africa in October and also carried on netting whilst at college…..he definitely wasn’t rusty!”

In conclusion the Cricket Section’s Secretary said: “So, we will just have to sit tight and see what transpires, eventually there will come a time when ‘normality’ may be resumed and let’s hope everyone stays safe and well. In the meantime, we can collectively all look forward to getting back together at the Club and see some cricket maybe and share a beer or two afterwards. After long periods of isolation and social distancing it will be a wonderful experience that we have all previously taken for granted.”

Reassuring words from CSC Chairman

Cleckheaton Sports Club Chairman Matthew Stephenson is adamant the Club in general will overcome the current corona virus crisis without harm.

“At the moment without any sport and all the bars being closed, we’re in what I call suspended animation,” admitted Matthew. “As a Club we’re extremely lucky however to have a tenant that is a food-based company and pays rent. Whilst there is no revenue, equally, we don’t have the normal expenditure either. And I’ve no doubt there will be lots of Clubs in a far worse position than us and many could well disappear altogether!”

Keith Johnstone and his team are doing their best to overcome obstacles

Matthew is confident that the level of support from members will enable the Club to reignite its success once the corona virus pandemic ends. He added: “We have many loyal members who will want to help out and support us once the current situation is over. And whilst our groundmen are obeying to the distancing rules they are also working hard on the grounds on a daily basis. If they decided to do otherwise our fields would simply turn in to meadows – and their input is invaluable for when sport returns.”

In addition, Matthew admitted there could be some government support and whilst everything appears a little gloomy just now, the Sports Club’s positive angle is a real plus to everyone.

Cleck's function room is a fabulous venue for entertaining and let's hope it is housing guests once more in the near future

Terrific trio keep things going


Keith Johnstone, John Hawkesworth and Kevin Brown remain committed in keeping the grounds at Moorend in tip top condition and more besides!

It’s not just the cricket square and outfield that needs to be tended – there’s many other jobs that need to be done. Kevin especially is a tremendous help to both Keith and John, who both oversee, as they have for many years, a lot of work on the grounds at Cleck’.

As the Sports Club is closed indefinitely due to the corona virus the outside benches that house many a reveller have been painted and put to one side for now and lifting them in to shelter is no easy task. Keith and John have been tremendous over the years but in recent times they’ve been joined by Kevin, who has been an absolute godsend and his ‘youthful’ strength and enthusiasm invaluable!

Cleckheaton Cricket Club is so fortunate to have ‘younger’ members heavily involved such as Kevin and Antony Lee and Steve Midgley.

Thanks guys – your hard work will soon bare fruit as we all stick together in difficult times.

Keith and his fellow comrades are amazing!!

Voice of reason paints a picture

The corona virus is on everyone’s lips just now and we cannot ignore it and Cleck’s former Skipper John Wood has first hand experience of exactly what’s occurring.

Woody is at the forefront of the medical profession in his day job – and he’s well qualified to send out the following message. “Just now it is very scary,” admitted John. “It is an horrific situation and only 5% of people on ventilators for more than three days survive. The next couple of months are going to be very difficult. At work we do not know who has corona virus – as 50% of people with it are asymptomatic – so you cannot tell.”

John is hugely respected at Cleck’ and not just as a superb cricketer but as a man and he concluded his heartfelt words by adding: “I just hope everyone we know and love comes through this and that all of us realise this is a massive battle.”

Thank you to John, and wise words from a man who is at what we call the ‘sharp end’ of the corona virus pandemic.

John Wood plays a 'straight bat' both on and off-the-field

Fletch’ has grounded opinions in tough times

The effect that the Corona virus is having on peoples’ lives means it is at the the heart of everyone’s conversations and Cleck’s Craig Fletcher has put forward how it is affecting both his family and himself.

Whilst social distancing and cleanliness etc should be adhered to there has to be a level of common sense and as much as possible keep things as normal as possible and Craig paints a graphic picture. “There’s a lot bigger things to worry about than sport I guess,” commented Fletch’. “But it is the unknown that’s frustrating for me and It’ll be the first time in 20 years that I might not play cricket. What do people do on a Saturday during the summer!! Seriously, not knowing when we might start the season but still wanting to make sure I stay fit as much as I can. So, I’m taking the dog out as much as I can.”

Of course, without any incoming funds and closure of the Club house until further notice it is taking its toll and Craig acknowledges the fact and he added: “It must be even more frustrating for the committee and Clubs in general – trying to plan in such uncertain times.”

When will Fletch' be able to voice his usual frustrations?!

From a personal point of view Craig revealed his current situation. “I will be working from home as I work for the Health Informatics Service providing IT,” he said. “It is for all areas of the health sector, so it has been a very busy couple of weeks with our customers wanting to still get their work done whilst at home.”

In conclusion and on a positive note family life is good for Craig albeit he’s got some of his timings wrong!! “Our daughter Matilda is two today, Sunday March 22nd and we’ve another on the way that’s due in mid August,” he revealed. “Bad planning for me having a baby mid season. And let’s hope we’re soon back playing cricket and having a beer or two.”

Let's hope Fletch' and the lads are enjoying a beer sooner rather than later.

Bradford League's latest stance:

Following the statement from ECB that there will be no First Class cricket before May 28 the league has moved to Stage Two of its contingency plan.

That means all meetings cancelled and no cricket in April. I must add that I expect that there will be no cricket in May either.

In a letter to all clubs, chairman David Young said : "We will continue to review the situation on a daily basis.

"Our aim is to have cricket as soon as possible and go this end we will continue to plan for all scenarios.

"Following tonight’s announcement from the Prime Minister we are aware that bars will now close and this will put increased stress on clubs finances. 

"I am pleased to announce two pieces of financial assistance. Firstly, the league will not be imposing an annual subscription charge of £50 this year and the Yorkshire Cricket Board is removing its deadline for Club Affiliation.

"Due to the rapidly developing situation, the YCB will review the issue of subscriptions and may set a new time frame when the picture becomes clearer.  In view of the YCB announcement there are two options.

1 If you have already paid you can claim a full refund for your league subs and YCB affiliation fee by emailing your club’s bank details to treasurer@bradfordcl.com and Mick Varley will transfer the money back into your account.

2 If you haven’t already paid you have no need to take any action.

"We hope the two measures will assist with club cash flows at this testing time.

"Finally please make sure that you are up to date with the government’s assistance packages as you should be eligible for a 100% reduction in business rates and possibly an assistance grant. "


Cleckheaton Cricket Club supports the Bradford League fully in their quest to advocate a fair and very reasonable statement during recent unprecedented times

Official statement from the CSC Executive committee

In view of unprecedented and difficult times due to the coronavirus pandemic situation Cleckheaton’s Sports Club Executive committee has issued the following statement on Tuesday March 17th:

Following the latest advice from the government and the suspension of sporting fixtures, we are reducing our operations for the next 30 days.

During this period the Club’s opening times will be: Monday to Thursday CLOSED

Friday: 4pm – 11pm

Saturday: 4pm – 11pm

Sunday: 2pm – 6pm

Furthermore, all functions for the next 30 days will be cancelled and our staff will be contacting all who have booked the function room during this period.

Our members and visitors are asked to follow government advice in respect of social distancing for their own and others safety.

This advice is available from the link below:


We will monitor the situation and may change our policy if the official advice changes

If any of our members that are social distancing would like the support of another member to assist them with shopping or any other domestic need please make contact via our Facebook page or e-mail cleckheatonsportsclub@gmail.com

We wish everyone well during this difficult time and are looking forward to getting back to normal and catching up with our members and supporters as soon as possible

Cleckheaton Sports Club will appear a little desolate for the next 30 days

Comment from the website: The Sports Club Executive Committee are to be applauded with their swift action. Few of us embrace what is occuring just now but reality means drastic measures and common sense has to prevail. Equally, the message that there is assistance for those in need is a heartwarming sentiment.

Hopefully, Bar Manager Bethan (pictured below) and her team will soon be back to 'normal' hours and serving our members seven days a week!


Gats advocates sponsorship opportunities

Cleck's Cricket Chairman Ian Gatenby has put forward the following alternatives for any potential sponsors.

Cleckheaton Cricket Club

Thank you for showing an interest in sponsoring Cleckheaton Cricket Club.


The cricket club is part of Cleckheaton Sports Club and is based at The Pavilion, Bradford Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3UD.  We are more than 150 years old and run by a committee of volunteers.  We are very proud of our history, our position within the Bradford Cricket League and the contribution we make in the development of young sporting talent.


Our 1st team play within the Bradford Premier League which is a designated ECB Premier League whilst the second team plays within the Championship One division and has a strong ethos of developing junior players.


We have an extremely active junior section and run five different age group teams across the Bradford Junior and Heavy Woollen Leagues.  Additionally we run the ECB coaching programmes of All Stars for children aged 5 – 8 and Dynamos for  those between 9 - 11.


With support from the Sports Club and through a range of fund raising events the committee is pro-active in generating finances to maintain our levels of participation and develop new opportunities.  The costs are always increasing however and we are looking to further develop our links with local businesses.  We are hoping this can be helpful in ensuring we continue to promote the game of cricket and the associated health benefits to our local community whilst also raising the profile of local businesses.

There are a huge range of sponsorship opportunities available and we will be happy to discuss any of these in greater depth.  To give you an indication of costings then please see the table below.




Additional Advertising

First Team Match Ball

£50 per game

Programme / Website

Second Team Match Ball

£30 per game

Programme / Website

Match Sponsorship

£100 per game

Programme / Website / Tea for two with players

Ground Board Sponsorship

£ 450 + VAT over 3 years (including board construction)

Ground board / Programme advert

Programme Sponsor

£50 /£75 for half / full page


Overseas Player

£2000 + VAT

Local press coverage / Programme advert / Club TV media

Junior Match Balls

£300 + VAT for all teams

Programme acknowledgement/Website

Trophies for junior presentation

£400.00 + VAT

Event literature / Website

We also hold a Fish & Chip luncheon, a Sports dinner, a Ladies luncheon, a musical entertainment evening and a golf day each year and bespoke sponsorship can be arranged with relation to these.

All company sponsors will have their logo/company link displayed on the cricket website and will be listed within the First Team match programme.  Additional advertising will be dependent on the specific sponsorship.

Gats offers his hand to future sponsors

We greatly appreciate any sponsorship we receive and very much look forward to liaising with you in supporting Cleckheaton Cricket Club.

For further details please contact:

Ian Gatenby:  07837 669865

Antony Lee:   07837 136744

Dave Worrall: 07752 558296

Elliott Hallas: 07711 843480.

Visit also www.cleckheatoncricketclub.com

Bob Speight has made sure that for many years there are updated facts, figures and some brilliant photographs and history surrounding Cleckheaton CC.

Secretary Antony Lee has very kindly taken over Bob's role and his details are as follows;

Home address;

Holme Bank, Stunsteads Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3DA

Mobile; 07837136744

e-mail; secretarycleckcc@gmail.com

Antony Lee is Cleck's dedicated Secretary

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