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Big thanks to Kev!

As previously mentioned on these illustrious pages, Kevin Mitchell, our esteemed webmaster/journalist/roving match reporter and social engagement guru has handed over the reins to this website.

His 13 years of dedicated service to keeping all our Cleckheaton followers and supporters fully informed cannot go un-noticed!

Kev's in-depth knowledge of all things Bradford Premier League Cricket as well as forging excellent relationships with all current and former Cleckheaton players has seen him produce an excellent, informative and insightful website.

He'll be the first to admit that at times his views sometimes rubbed people up the wrong way! But his intentions were always honourable........with his beloved Cleckheaton CC at heart.

So Kevin, on behalf of the cricket committee and all our players, friends and supporters we thank you for your fine words, dedication, commitment and loyalty.

Relax now, have a 'wee dram' and maybe offer up some analysis as a 'critical friend' for the new website authors!!

Antony Lee, Secretary


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