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Dinner date change

Following advice from Agent/MC John Collier the Cricket Section’s traditional Annual Dinner has been moved provisionally to Friday July 9th.

The committee will discuss and rubber stamp the new date after this Monday’s meeting having previously moved it from March to June.

Fingers crossed all will be back to 'normal' by July? And this year's dinner promises to be our best yet, a night full of laughter!

To book a table contact Kevin:

k_mitchell3@sky.com or speak to any cricket committe member.

Never spoil a good story with truth!

Cleck’s cricket website was led to believe recently the newly appointed greenkeeper for the bowls is called James Anderson when in reality his surname is Hanson!

Apologies for miss information - the lesson is to probably check the facts first!

Never-the-less a recent newsletter from the Sports Club makes interesting reading and includes the following:

Planning for reopening
During the lockdown work has been going on to enable us to recommence sport and reopen the Club as soon as the rules permit.  This has included cleaning the beer lines on a regular basis, shampooing the carpets and decorating the toilet corridor.  Other work which is easy to take for granted is still taking place like paying the bills, looking after the grounds (even keeping up with the rugby pitch white lines!) and there have continues to be regular meetings of the Club’s Executive Committee and the Bowling, Cricket and Rugby Committees. By the time outdoor sport is permitted, we will also have a new addition to our playing facilities, a new state of the art cricket and training net which will be completed next month!

John Hawkesworth
As we announced at the AGM in late 2020, John Hawkesworth has resigned as the bowling greenkeeper.  Nevertheless, this does not mean a complete retirement and I hope that we will continue to see John swishing the wormcasts off the green or tinkering with a lawnmower for many years to come. We owe John a debt that can never be paid for literally decades of work on the greens and I hope that all members will pass on their sincere thanks to him when they see him at the Club.

New Greenkeeper
John’s resignation has meant that a new greenkeeper has had to be sought.  After a thorough evaluation of all possible options, Bowling Chairman, Stuart Johnson, determined that professional help has had to be sought and with the support of the Club’s Executive Committee has appointed “The Grass Doctor”, James Hanson.

James will be familiar to many bowlers and comes highly recommended as he also looks after many other bowling clubs’ greens in the area. James has already started work and will be a regular sight at the Club as bowling resumes.

The Sports Club Chairman Matthew Stephenson concluded by saying:

I appreciate that this has not been an easy time for anyone and the restrictions have made it very difficult for some people.  Although we now have a timeline for the resumption of normal life, even the soonest of these is still weeks away.  If anyone would like any help or support, be that help with practical matters such as shopping or transport etc., or just someone to chat with, you only have to let us know – the Club is a community of friends and we are there to provide help when needed.  You can get in touch with the person sending this newsletter or you can contact me directly on rms@sky.com or 0777 117 5483.

With best wishes, and on behalf of the Club Executive Committee

What a wonderful sight a full function room makes

Patience is key as times change

There is no doubt what-so-ever the Covid pandemic has changed a lot of our lives, which may never be the same again?

However, positivity and patience is important and hopefully the 2021 cricket season will commence on time or if not at least in May and with the opportunity to enjoy socialising in the Club house also.

In recent times the Club has been extremely fortunate to have on board younger cricket committee members, the likes of Antony Lee, who has been incredibly supportive, as indeed has Steve Midgley and not wishing to embarrass the duo their input has been crucial.

Skipper Mally Nicholson is equally vital to the cause.

With an ageing cricket committee in some quarters and a lot of pressure on certain individuals in-particular - such as the afore-mentioned gentlemen as well as Keith Johnstone and Ian Gatenby - it is important to keep focusing on newcomers.

Hopefully, there’s a few years left in most of us but now is the right time to recruit additional committee members, people who have the Club’s best interest at heart and ideally may be around for a few years.

Anyone that is interested in assisting at Moorend would be encouraged and assisted.

Mally Nicholson's Auntie Gil', Mum Alison and wife Leanne are typical of 'good people' who have not only assisted with the teas but helped the Club in so many other ways


Treat yourself on line!

Cleckheaton CC enables members, players and supporters to go on line to order merchandise.

Simply go to:

https://www.zwingosports.com click on our name and the password is: cleckcc2021

What a good way to lift your spirits in readiness for the coming season.

Latest nets update

The Club’s secretary Antony Lee has kindly forwarded photographs of groundwork overseen at Moorend already ahead of further work on the new nets in the Spring.

Antony commented: “The photos show phase 1 completed and will stay like this until spring when phase 2 involves shock pads, playing surface the steel system and nets being installed.”

Visit also www.cleckheatoncricketclub.com

Bob Speight has made sure that for many years there are updated facts, figures and some brilliant photographs and history surrounding Cleckheaton CC.

Secretary Antony Lee has very kindly taken over Bob's role and his details are as follows;

Home address;

Holme Bank, Stunsteads Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3DA

Mobile; 07837136744

e-mail; secretarycleckcc@gmail.com

Antony Lee is Cleck's dedicated Secretary

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