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Skipper’s thoughts coming soon

Cleck’s hard working and dedicated Captain Mally Nicholson will pass on his personal thoughts on a number of cricket subjects in the near future.

Mally will reveal how he stands (forgive the pun) on his knee operation, which to date has been put on hold!

Ground work never stops!

The end of season top dressing is being applied by Mike Appleyard who is an ‘unsung’ hero alongside groundsmen Keith Johnstone and John Hawkesworth.

Mike is very supportive of Keith and John and in addition in the past he’s always supported fund-raising events.

Keith, John, Mike and Kev’ Brown have worked tirelessly for some time and ground preparation never stops.

Whilst Keith quite rightly takes most of the plaudits, we must not forget the brilliant work overseen by so many people at Moorend who put in a lot of hard work and without any remuneration!

Mike is just one of those volunteers that Cleck’s lucky to have.

Mike Appleyard enjoying the sunshine at Moorend and as with so many members the Club's kind volunteer puts in a lot of hard work

Post season comment:

There’s so much going on in the world at the moment it’s easy to wonder where on earth are we heading! But this website is purely about sport and Bradford League cricket in-particular.

Politics and the likes are not for us and positivity is key and following a short but worthwhile 2020 season everyone at Moorend is remaining upbeat ahead of 2021.

It has been well-documented in recent weeks that the new signings at Cleck’ have fitted in well, talented youngsters are progressing and the Sports Club overall remains as friendly and welcoming as any.

Whilst Corona Virus protocol has been implemented and successfully carried out at Cleck’ the Club’s bar staff have been brilliant in keeping things running smoothly and as normal as possible.

Table service and acceptance of cash payments have been gratefully embraced by members and customers, which hasn’t been the case at some other Clubs! Accepting it’s an individual choice it’s perhaps churlish to criticise others but at Cleck’ the Club has managed to portray as much ‘normality’ as possible during difficult times and that should be praised because it helps customers enormously.

Bar Manager Bethan and the bar staff have done sterling work at Cleck'

Season ends but work continues

There is a lull just now as the 2020 season has come to a close but work continues off-the-field.

At least one quality signing is expected in the near future.

Fund-raising activities remains on the back burner but it is hoped that by March 2021 the Club’s Annual Dinner, which is booked and in place, will be able to go ahead?

These are strange times because of Covid 19 but the Cricket Section is keeping its head above water and determined to make progress for next term.

Full details of the shortened 2020 season can be found on the Home Page and there’s a number of fascinating tales from the past in the Archive Section.

The minute there’s any news involving cricket at Cleck’ it will appear on the Club’s official website.

Toby Booth has agreed to remain at Cleck' for 2021 and he's set to be joined by another top-notch player

Progress in fund-raising

Although things remain unclear surrounding the rules in terms of how many guests will be allowed in to the function room in future - the Cricket Section is thinking ahead.

The traditional Annual Dinner is in the diary for Friday March 5th 2021 in the hope that by then things should be ‘back to normal.’

Manchester based comedian Austin Knight is booked as is the fabulous MC/Auctioneer John Collier with someone different joining them - as opposed to the usual kind of speaker.

Impressionist Kevin Connelly has agreed to join the gentlemen named above to provide what is sure to be a night filled with laughter.

Kevin has appeared on Dead Ringers that was a popular TV programme and he's made a great deal more TV appearances besides - and he promises to go down a storm!

Austin last appeared at Cleck’ on behalf of the Cricket Section six years ago and whilst he’s a familiar face on the circuit, he’s tried and trusted and very funny!

In the past the Club has had some great speakers, quite a few average ones and one or two flops but Kevin is the type of act that alongside Austin and John will have guests 'splitting their sides.'

Kevin Connelly is a brilliant impressionist and comedian

Visit also www.cleckheatoncricketclub.com

Bob Speight has made sure that for many years there are updated facts, figures and some brilliant photographs and history surrounding Cleckheaton CC.

Secretary Antony Lee has very kindly taken over Bob's role and his details are as follows;

Home address;

Holme Bank, Stunsteads Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3DA

Mobile; 07837136744

e-mail; secretarycleckcc@gmail.com

Antony Lee is Cleck's dedicated Secretary

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