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Mally makes shock return

First Team Captain Mally Nicholson plays against Pudsey St Lawrence on Saturday despite being ready for a knee operation at any time.

Michael Kelsey, who has joined the Club on loan from Yeadon was expected to play but work commitments have put paid to his debut that left Mally deciding to be included in the side but as a batsman with Kris Ward retaining the wicketkeeper's gloves.

Mally has been running and taken medical advice and he's confident that he'll be fine to bat whilst he'll probably field at slip?

The team is: Mally Nicholson (Captain) - Andrew Deegan (Vice-Captain) – Kris Ward - Joe Pyrah – Azeem Rafiq – Toby Booth – Ian Carradice – Ethan Lee – Ian Wardlaw  - Johnny Whiteoak – Josh Thurwell

Below are in-depth details of the restrictions ahead of the game – the head says: Cleck’ will adhere in every way to respect and carry out the instructions given by Kirklees Council

The heart says: It is sad and disappointing that the outdoors and fresh air is considered a health risk – never-the-less the guys from both sides must do their best to enjoy the game, be positive and thank you to everyone for understanding what are nowadays an almost daily change in rules and sometimes rather, shall we say, hard to fathom decisions.

Game on – but there’s strict guidelines!

Saturday’s clash at Moorend against Pudsey St Lawrence is poised to go ahead but the Kirklees Council has put forward very strict rules that must be adhered to.

  • Pudsey St Lawrence are not allowed any of their fans/visitors to attend the match
  • Anyone believed to be from the PSL outfit will be politely asked to leave the ground
  • Home fans and members from within the Cleckheaton area are allowed to attend but with a thorough ‘track & trace’ procedure
  • That means names and telephone numbers of everyone attending are required (as currently witnessed in the Club house entrance area) this will be overseen by several Cleckheaton Cricket committee members
  • Kirklees Council has emphasised their officials will be monitoring and visiting ALL GAMES IN THE AREA AFFECTED AND SHOULD GUIDELINES BE DEEMED NOT TO BE FOLLOWED THEY HAVE THE POWER TO ABANDON THE GAME
  • The changing rooms will be locked – gazebos provided for the players and umpires belongings - with the Club house toilet facilities only to be used
  • In conjunction with the Bradford League's official statement supporters/members are unable to congregate around the boundary edge
  • The current social distancing rules apply that are strictly in place in the Club house

The afore-mentioned may appear harsh but they are rules strongly put forward by Kirklees.

Cleckheaton Cricket Club Secretary Antony Lee has spent a great deal of time and effort making sure everyone is put in the picture.

As a Club we must pay a tribute and thanks goes to Antony’s counterpart at PSL - Mr Richard Brown who is fully supportive of the guidelines or restrictions, call them what you may, that has been outlined. Richard has been understanding of our predicament and promised to pass on the requirements to his members.

Cleckheaton Cricket Club has had some real ‘ding dong’ battles with PSL over the years – and one major factor in looking forward to our clash is how many away supporters attend games, sadly, this won’t occur this year and that is a major disappointment.

As a Club we fully appreciate the understanding from those affected by the restrictions.

You're okay in the bar on Saturday but not by the boundary!

Meanwhile, the Bradford League Chairman Mr David Young advocated a statement on Thursday

Spectators are banned from watching matches from around the boundary as part of new Covid-19 rules introduced by Kirklees Council.

The new restriction affects 13 Gordon Rigg Bradford Premier League clubs, Batley, Birstall, Cleckheaton, Crossbank Methodists, East Bierley, Gomersal, Hanging Heaton, Hartshead Moor, Heckmondwike & Carlinghow, Hopton Mills, Liversedge, Scholes and Spen Victoria.

In response to the new measure, league chairman David Young has instructed all teams visiting the Kirklees clubs to inform their members and supporters not to travel.

David said: "It is important that visiting teams help the clubs within the Kirklees area in complying with the new regulations which were introduced following a spike in Coronavirus cases.

"We appreciate that this presents another challenge to the 13 clubs who are directly affected by the new measure and I hope all of their opponents will help them to comply."

Cleck' has to be seen to play a 'straight bat' on Saturday!

Outdoor nets given go-ahead

Monday’s first Cricket Committee meeting held at Moorend since lockdown in March was excellent with the main focus on new outdoor cricket nets.

The top-notch two-lane nets with dark green protection tunnel netting, green carpet with blue borders is a superb project that’s finally come to fruition.

Secretary Antony Lee has worked tirelessly for many months planning, discussing and cajoling and eventually seeing the fruits of his labours become reality.

Without divulging financial details but to say with the assistance of a grant and help from the Sports Club the relevant documentation will be signed, sealed and delivered by the end of the week and work can commence as soon as the contractors are able.

Sports Club Chairman Matthew Stephenson kindly confirmed that the fabulous enterprise will be supported by the Management Committee – Sports Club Treasurer Steve Midgley graphically explained the financial aspects and implications – and the committee in unison were delighted to rubber stamp the construction of nets that will not only assist the Club’s players at every level but may be also a form of income from outsiders, which is a subject for a later date.

Antony must take enormous credit for his patience and dogged determination to see this occasionally laborious but ultimately worthy project at long last become a realization.

Fabulous outdoor nets at Cleck' will be of enormous benefit

Post-match comment

Rumblings from the boundary edge from some - not Cleck’ members we might add! - suggested after recent defeats ‘well it doesn’t matter.’

But it does matter that when you take the field you should want to win any game and thankfully there are no vibes from the Cleck’ lads suggesting otherwise - but to date the players have fallen short.

There are positives though in defeat as mentioned previously and a side missing several First Team regulars has enabled youngsters to have what is a good experience for them and in no way are the younger players responsible for no wins so far, that’s the responsibility of the senior men.

Another good note is that there was a healthy crowd in attendance, which should be the case when Pudsey St Lawrence visit Moorend next Saturday in what is always a much-awaited clash.

Cleck’ fall short in T20

Cleck’ endured a 35 runs defeat against Bradford & Bingley in Sunday’s T20 competition.

Roles were reversed from 24 hours earlier when Cleck’s batsmen starred and the bowlers did not against the same opponents in the 40 overs contest.

Although Kris Ward continued his good form with a knock of 20, only three other Cleck’ batsmen achieved double figures as the Moorenders were dismissed for 93 chasing the visitors’ total of 128.

Iain Wardlaw and Azeem Rafiq had impressive figures of 3-28 and 3-27 respectively but overall, it was another disappointing display.

However, it was a good experience for the ultra-confident 12-year-old star of the future Hudson Rowan and the highly regarded Kayne Whitehead from the seconds' side – and once more there was a large crowd to witness proceedings.

Azeem Rafiq was in-form with the ball in the T20 contest

Cleck’ suffer heavy defeat

Bradford & Bingley inflicted a heavy defeat on Cleck’ at Wagon Lane on Saturday winning by eight wickets.

Cleck’ batted first and posted 206-7 with Kris Ward scoring 60 runs and there was a knock of 70 by Toby Booth – unfortunately, Bradford & Bingley were never really challenged when they batted and the home side comfortably made their way to 208-2.

Statistics can be a little cruel sometimes and occasionally misleading – but if we were to look back at the bowling figures in-particular, which we won’t, on this occasion they do tell the full story.

Cleck’s bowling attack never really got to grips with what was required but on Sunday there’s an opportunity to face today’s winners in the T20 competition at Moorend and put things right.

The Cleck’ guys gave it their best shot and there are still a number of games to be played and in this rather strange season, there’s no criticism of anyone just constructive thoughts.

And if we appraise the players' commitment there are few doubts on that score, typified by the attitude of Craig Fletcher, whose wife is due to give birth at any time now and yet Fletch' was keen to play.

Despite the disappointing defeat there are words of encouragement from the Club’s former Chairman Dave Worrall who remains a key figure on the cricket committee. Dave commented: “The shortened competition the Bradford League has put together in difficult circumstances for 2020 has been beneficial to Cleck’ and will make us better prepared for next season - than we otherwise might have been - had we not played cricket this time around.

We’ve witnessed excellent batting performances already from new signings Kris Ward and Toby Booth. Fourteen-year-old Joe Pyrah has played in games that he wouldn’t normally have done so – and if he continues to improve, he’ll be a very good player and he’s definitely one for the future. Ethan Lee is settling in well and although we’ve lost both matches against New Farnley and now Bradford & Bingley it enables us to assess where we need to strengthen – and with the likes of Mally Nicholson and Nick Lindley returning to the side next season we will be well prepared.

Overall, we view this term as a real positive and will continue to enjoy forthcoming games.”

Kris Ward is proving to be an excellent signing for Cleck' (photo courtesy of the Bf'd League)

Cleck's seconds lost to Northowram Fields who were dismissed for 177 but Cleck' fell fifteen runs short of a victory ending on 163-8.

Bradford League issues League Cup fixtures

Below are details of the forthcoming League Cup for 2020 – the actual groups are identified on the League’s in-depth website but in the meantime – the League wrote the following:

The fixtures have been released for the new Gordon Rigg League Cup competitions which get under way on Saturday, July 25.

Each division has 10 teams, split into two sections West and East to reduce the amount of travel. Each team will play a total of eight matches. The teams topping each group will contest the final on September 19.

Each team will play all the opponents in their section once along with an interdivisional fixture. The first three fixtures will then be reversed making eight in total.

The inter-divisional fixtures have been introduced to avoid one team being left without a game each week in a five-strong group.

All games will be 40 overs per side. Start time 1.00pm, except for September games at 12.30pm.


Premier Division Cup
West: Cleckheaton v Pudsey St Lawrence, Morley v New Farnley.
East: Townville v Methley, Batley v Wrenthorpe.
Inter-Divisional: Hanging Heaton v Bradford & Bingley.
Division One Cup
West: Baildon v Pudsey Congs, Bankfoot v Hartshead Moor.
East: Ossett v Birstall, Gomersal v Carlton.
Inter-Divisional: East Bierley v Keighley.
Division Two Cup
West: Bowling Old Lane v Jer Lane, Scholes v Northowram Fields.
East: Hunslet Nelson v Hopton Mills, Spen Victoria v Sandal.
Inter-Divisional: East Ardsley v Buttershaw St Paul’s.
Division Three Cup
West: Adwalton v Crossbank Methodists, Brighouse v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow.
East: Gildersome & Farnley Hill v Great Preston, East Leeds v Oulton.
Inter-Divisional: Altofts v Rodley.

In the absence of Mally Nicholson, Andrew Deegan is the First Team Captain for 2020

Premier Division Cup
West: Pudsey St Lawrence v New Farnley, Bradford & Bingley v Morley.
East: Wrenthorpe v Townville, Batley v Hanging Heaton.
Inter-Divisional: Cleckheaton v Methley.
Division One Cup
West: Pudsey Congs v Hartshead Moor, Keighley v Bankfoot.
East: Carlton v Ossett, Gomersal v East Bierley.
Inter-Divisional: Baildon v Birstall.
Division Two Cup
West: Jer Lane v Scholes, Buttershaw St Paul’s v Northowram Fields.
East: Sandal v Hopton Mills, Spen Victoria v East Ardsley.
Inter-Divisional: Bowling Old Lane v Hunslet Nelson.
Division Three Cup
West: Crossbank Methodists v Brighouse, Rodley v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow.
East: Oulton v Gildersome & Farnley Hill, East Leeds v Altofts.
Inter-Divisional: Adwalton v Great Preston.

Premier Division Cup
West: Morley v Cleckheaton, New Farnley v Bradford & Bingley.
East: Methley v Batley, Hanging Heaton v Wrenthorpe.
Inter-Divisional: Townville v Pudsey St Lawrence.
Division One Cup
West: Bankfoot v Baildon, Hartshead Moor v Keighley
East: Birstall v Gomersal, East Bierley v Carlton.
Inter-Divisional: Ossett v Pudsey Congs.
Division Two Cup
West: Northowram fields v Bowling Old Lane, Scholes v Buttershaw St Paul’s.
East: Hunslet Nelson v Spen Victoria, East Ardsley v Sandal.
Inter-Divisional: Hopton Mills v Jer Lane.
Division Three Cup
West: Heckmondwike & Carlinghow v Adwalton, Brighouse v Rodley.
East: Great Preston v East Leeds, Altofts v Oulton.
Inter-Divisional: Gildersome & Farnley Hill v Crossbank Methodists.

Premier Division Cup
West: Pudsey St Lawrence v Bradford & Bingley, Cleckheaton v New Farnley.
East: Townville v Hanging Heaton, Methley v Wrenthorpe.
Inter-Divisional: Batley v Morley.  
Division One Cup
West: Keighley v Pudsey Congs, Hartshead Moor v Baildon.
East: Ossett v East Bierley, Birstall v Carlton.
Inter-Divisional: Bankfoot v Gomersal.
Division Two Cup
West: Buttershaw St Paul’s v Jer Lane, Scholes v Bowling Old Lane.
East: East Ardsley v Hopton Mills, Hunslet Nelson v Sandal.
Inter-Divisional: Spen Victoria v Northowram Fields.
Division Three Cup
West: Rodley v Crossbank Methodists, Brighouse v Adwalton.
East: Gildersome & Farnley Hill v Altofts, Oulton v Great Preston.
Inter-Divisional: East Leeds v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow.

Mally Nicholson may be frustrated at not playing because of a serious knee injury - but he will be able to contemplate things on the boundary edge

Premier Division Cup
West: Morley v Pudsey St Lawrence, Cleckheaton v Bradford & Bingley
East: Townville v Batley, Hanging Heaton v Methley.
Inter-Divisional: New Farnley v Wrenthorpe.
Division One Cup
West: Bankfoot v Pudsey Congs, Baildon v Keighley.
East: Gomersal v Ossett, East Bierley v Birstall.
Inter-Divisional: Carlton v Hartshead Moor.
Division Two Cup

West: Northowram Fields v Jer Lane, Bowling Old Lane v Buttershaw St Paul’s.
East: Hopton Mills v Spen Victoria, East Ardsley v Hunslet Nelson.
Inter-Divisional: Sandal v Scholes.
Division Three Cup
West: Crossbank Methodists v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow, Adwalton v Rodley.
East: East Leeds v Gildersome & Farnley Hill., Altofts v Great Preston.
Inter-Divisional: Brighouse v Oulton.

Premier Division Cup
West: Pudsey St Lawrence v Cleckheaton, New Farnley v Morley
East: Methley v Townville, Wrenthorpe v Batley..
Inter-Divisional: Bradford & Bingley v Hanging Heaton
Division One Cup
West: Pudsey Congs v Baildon, Hartshead Moor v Bankfoot.
East: Birstall v Ossett, Carlton v Gomersal
Inter-Divisional: Keighley v East Bierley.
Division Two Cup
West: Jer Lane v Bowling Old Lane. Northowram Fields v Scholes.
East: Hopton Mills v Hunslet Nelson, Sandal v Spen Victoria.
Inter-Divisional: Buttershaw St Paul’s v East Ardsley,
Division Three Cup
West: Crossbank Methodists v Adwalton, Heckmondwike & Carlinghow v Brighouse.
East: Great Preston v Gildersome & Farnley Hill, Oulton v East Leeds.
Inter-Divisional: Rodley v Altofts.

Premier Division Cup Final: Winner West v Winner East
Division One Cup Final: Winner East v Winner West
Division Two Cup Final: Winner West v Winner East.
Division Three Cup Final: Winner East v Winner West

Seconds' Fixtures below:


Premier Cup
Bradford & Bingley v Bankfoot, Lightcliffe v East Bierley.
East: New Farnley v Gomersal, Pudsey St Lawrence v Batley
Division One Cup
Northowram Fields v Baildon, Keighley v Cleckheaton.
East: Pudsey Congs v Methley, Carlton v East Ardsley.
Division Two Cup
Hartshead Moor v Ossett, Birstall v Hopton Mills, Liversedge Free.
East: Wrenthorpe v Townville, Sandal v Altofts, Oulton v Wakefield St Michaels.
Division Three Cup
West: Buttershaw St Paul’s v Spen Victoria, Crossbank Methodists v Brighouse..
East: Gildersome & Farnley Hill v Adwalton.

Premier Cup
: Bankfoot v Bradford & Bingley, East Bierley v Lightcliffe.
East: New Farnley v Pudsey St Lawrence.
Division One Cup
West: Northowram Fields v Keighley.
East: Methley v Pudsey Congs, East Ardsley v Carlton.
Division Two Cup
West: Ossett v Birstall, Hopton Mills v Liversedge, Hartshead Moor Free..
East: Townville v Sandal, Oulton v Wrenthorpe, Wakefield St Michael's v Altofts.
Division Three Cup
West: Crossbank Methodists v Spen Victoria
East: Adwalton v Gildersome & Farnley Hill, Scholes v Hunslet Nelson.

Premier Cup
West: Bradford & Bingley v East Bierley, Lightcliffe v Bankfoot.
East: Batley v New Farnley, Pudsey St Lawrence v Gomersal.
Division One Cup
West: Cleckheaton v Keighley, Baildon v Northowram Fields.
East: Pudsey Congs v East Ardsley, Carlton v Methley.
Division Two Cup
West: Liversedge v Birstall, Ossett free.
East: Wakefield St Michael's v Townville, Altofts v Oulton, Wrenthorpe v Sandal.
Division Three Cup
West: Brighouse v Buttershaw St Pauls
East: Gildersome & Farnley Hill v Scholes


Division 2 Cup

West: Hartshead Moor v Hopton Mills

SATURDAY, AUGUST 29            
Premier Cup
Bradford & Bingley v Lightcliffe, East Bierley v Bankfoot.
East; Batley v Pudsey St Lawrence, Gomersal v New Farnley.
Division One Cup
Northowram Fields v Cleckheaton, 
East: Methley v East Ardsley, Pudsey Congs v Carlton
Division Two Cup
Liversedge v Ossett, Hopton Mills v Hartshead Moor, Birstall Free.
East: Sandal v Oulton, Wrenthorpe v Wakefield St Michael's, Altofts v Townville.
Division Three Cup
West: No Games
East: Adwalton v Hunslet Nelson

Division One Cup

West: Keighley v Baildon

Division Two Cup
Ossett v Hopton Mills, Hartshead Moor v Birstall, Liversedge Free.
Division Three Cup
West: Buttershaw St Pauls v Crossbank Methodists, Spen Victoria v Brighouse.
East: Hunslet Nelson v Adwalton, Scholes v Gildersome

Premier Cup
Gomersal v Batley
Division One Cup
Baildon v Cleckheaton
Division Two Cup
West: Birstall v Liversedge,
Division Three Cup
West: Brighouse v Crossbank Methodists, Spen Victoria v Buttershaw St Pauls.
East: Hunslet Nelson v Scholes

Premier Division Cup Final: Winner East v Winner West
Division One Cup Final: Winner West v Winner East
Division Two Cup Final: Winner East v Winner West.
Division Three Cup Final: Winner West v Winner East

Seconds' Skipper Elliott Hallas is a pivotal figure at Cleck'

Gordon Rigg T20 format released

The Bradford League has published the following fixture list for games to be played on a Sunday – Cleck’ are at home to Bradford & Bingley on Sunday August 2nd and away to Keighley the following Sunday.

If we progress there’s potentially mouth-watering games against either of the Pudsey Clubs or New Farnley or local rivals East Bierley. If it was the latter wouldn’t Sam Gatenby and Alex Midgley just love that!

However, we’re ahead of ourselves – some work to be done before then.

The format and fixtures have been revealed for this year's revised Gordon Rigg T20 Cup competitions.

There are 14 teams contesting the Group A competitions which was won by Undercliffe last year, while there are eight teams in the Group B Cup won by Jer Lane in 2019.

The Group A Cup gets under way on Sunday, July 26 with the teams split into four regional first round pools. The four teams topping the pool tables will go forward to the finals days which will be played on Monday, August 31,

The entrants in the Group B Cup have been divided into two pools with the two table-topping teams going forward to the final on September 13. The matches get under way on Sunday, August 16.

Group A Cup
Pool 1:
East Bierley, New Farnley, Pudsey Congs, Pudsey St Lawrence.
Pool 2::Bradford & Bingley, Cleckheaton, Keighley.
Pool 3: Batley, Birstall, Hanging Heaton.
Pool 4: Carlton, Methley, Ossett, Townville..

Sunday, August 9: New Farnley v East Bierley, Pudsey St Lawrence v Pudsey Congs, Keighley v Cleckheaton, Birstall v Hanging Heaton, Methley v Carlton, Townville v Ossett
Sunday, August 16: Jer Lane v Liversedge, Heckmondwike & Carlinghow v Northowram Fields, Adwalton v Sandal, Hunslet Nelson v Oulton.
Sunday, August 23: Liversedge v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow, Northowram Fields v Jer Lane, Sandal v Oulton, -Hunslet Nelson v Adwalton.
Monday, August 31:  Group A Finals Day - semi-finals: Winners 2 v Winners 1, Winners 3 v Winners 4.
Sunday, September 6: Jer Lane v Heckmondwike & Carlinghow, Liversedge v Northowram Fields, Oulton v Adwalton, Sandal v Hunslet Nelson.
Sunday, September 13:  Group B-Final-

There is no-one better prepared for T20 than former Yorkshire star Azeem Rafiq

Progress in fund-raising

Although things remain unclear surrounding the rules in terms of how many guests will be allowed in to the function room in future - the Cricket Section is thinking ahead.

The traditional Annual Dinner is in the diary for Friday March 5th 2021 in the hope that by then things should be ‘back to normal.’

Manchester based comedian Austin Knight is booked as is the fabulous MC/Auctioneer John Collier with someone different joining them - as opposed to the usual kind of speaker.

Impressionist Kevin Connelly has agreed to join the gentlemen named above to provide what is sure to be a night filled with laughter.

Kevin has appeared on Dead Ringers that was a popular TV programme and he's made a great deal more TV appearances besides - and he promises to go down a storm!

Austin last appeared at Cleck’ on behalf of the Cricket Section six years ago and whilst he’s a familiar face on the circuit, he’s tried and trusted and very funny!

In the past the Club has had some great speakers, quite a few average ones and one or two flops but Kevin is the type of act that alongside Austin and John will have guests 'splitting their sides.'

Kevin Connelly is a brilliant impressionist and comedian

Visit also www.cleckheatoncricketclub.com

Bob Speight has made sure that for many years there are updated facts, figures and some brilliant photographs and history surrounding Cleckheaton CC.

Secretary Antony Lee has very kindly taken over Bob's role and his details are as follows;

Home address;

Holme Bank, Stunsteads Road, Cleckheaton BD19 3DA

Mobile; 07837136744

e-mail; secretarycleckcc@gmail.com

Antony Lee is Cleck's dedicated Secretary

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