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Overseas signing selected

Although an overseas opening batsman, who will bat number three at Cleck’, has been identified the Club doesn’t wish to announce his name until the paperwork is completed.

The 23-year-old, who is expected to join Cleck’ is a spin bowler also.

Potential newcomer joins Cleck’ at curry night

A respected all rounder within the Bradford League joined a table of 20 players, Club officials and friends for a curry night on Thursday.

Two of the three new signings already captured were there also, Johnny Whiteoak and Josh Thurwell whilst the potential newcomer has committed to Cleck’ verbally, work commitments permitting with a decision soon.

A former Cleck’ player, who was a target, has decided to retire from the game whilst Skipper Mally Nicholson is meeting two other potential signings next week.

The haves and have not’s

In the event of some potential knuckle rapping, which has happened to Cleck’ in the past, we’ll keep names intact and comment in cryptic fashion - but the more that members and supporters at Moorend talk to others around the Bradford League circuit the more it appears a gulf is forming between the few that can afford players’ demands and those that cannot.

It’s been a bone of contention for many years but the problem’s now escalating.

Some Clubs have benefactors, many fund-raise in pro-active fashion, Cleck’ included, quite a few Clubs are on their uppers financially. One high-profile Bradford League outfit by all accounts hasn’t a clue where players or funds are coming from for the 2018 season!

And does every Club adhere to the minimum standards that were set by the League, four sight screens and juniors set up etc?

There are a great deal of unanswered questions and it looks like the level required to stay at the top is whittled down to several who can afford to ‘splash the cash’ – on players - and allegedly not on minimum standards - and even then they’ll be in denial!

Cleck’s Cricket Committee and Captain Mally Nicholson are doing their utmost to wield together a successful side on minimum resources and thankfully the Club is one of few that has the required number of sight screens and the Clubmark accreditation and the required juniors sections in place – it’s quite some time now that those rules were put in place – have they been adhered to elsewhere - Only the authorities will know and if not why not?

Cleck's facilities at Moorend are in keeping with Bradford League standards

What next for Cleck’?

At the moment its status quo on player recruitment as newcomers Toby Thorpe from Undercliffe, Josh Thurwell from Carlton and Johnny Whiteoak from Lightcliffe are the ones to put pen to paper to date for the 2018 season.

Skipper Mally Nicholson and the Cricket Committee has several ‘irons in the fire’ but without firm commitment we cannot make any announcements but rest assured a lot of effort is being made to make sure that Cleck’ are a force to be reckoned with next term.

Johnny Whiteoak is an excellent signing for Cleck'

Indeed, Mally was acknowledged at the Bradford League dinner on Friday night with the most stumpings for 2017 with 12 in all.

Away from the playing side, Vice-Captain Nick Lindley has a new baby on the scene, Joshua, James and congratulations to him and his family.

One of the Cricket Section’s real stalwarts is Lloyd Campbell and right now the one-time fast bowler is struggling with ill health and in the ICU unit at Pinderfields Hospital having half his colon removed.

Lloyd has been a supporter and committee member at Moorend for many years and everyone wishes him well.

Meanwhile, below are details of forthcoming events to assist fund-raising with much more news to follow in the near future.

Happier times for Lloyd Campbell sat between his fellow members and friends Brian and Donovan

Amazing tribute act set for Cleck’

One of the most convincing Rod Stewart tribute acts on the circuit is poised to come to Moorend on Saturday February 3rd 2018.

Organiser Dave Worrall had to book ‘Rock’ Stewart six months in advance and for the gig in the function room at the turn of next year this tremendous act is set to make the Club rock!

To book a place or places contact Dave either at the Club or on his mobile which is; 07752558296 or speak to any Cricket Committee member. Places will be at a premium as the cost of just £10 per person is a bargain for a genuine top-notch artiste.

The Cricket Section admits that on-going fund-raising has to occur and the afore-mentioned is just one of a number of events planned.

On Friday March 2nd the Club’s traditional Annual Dinner takes place with MC John Collier and Comedian John Gillan already booked and they’ll compliment the usual excellent three-course meal as well as a guest speaker, to be announced soon. The cost is £350 for a table of ten with individuals welcome. The bargain price has been maintained for a number of years. To book a table or places contact Kevin on 0789615371 0r 01535 275677 or speak to any Cricket Committee member.

In the meantime, the evening with Rock Stewart promises to be a night to remember – please book early!

Rock and Rod there's quality in every note!!

Details of all sections of the Club can be found on; www.cleckheatonsportsclub@gmail.com

For news on the All Rounder ECB Bradford Premier L'ge; www.bradfordcl.com

The Wickham Arms Hotel www.wickhamarmshotel.co.uk

For further news on Cleckheaton CC visit www.cleckheatoncricketclub.com Bob Speight has made sure that for many years there are updated facts, figures and some brilliant photographs and history surrounding Cleckheaton CC.

Bob Speight continues sterling work at Cleck'

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